Congrats to all the award winners at The ADDY’s this year. ACU brought in several awards and best in show. 35 Student Addy awards were given and our Art and Design students took home 20 of them. Out of 10 Gold Addy’s awarded we won 8 of them. In addition, Jordan Bell won Best of Show and the Judges’ Special Award “Best Piece to Get Your Foot in The Door”. James Utley also won the Judges’ Special Award of “Outstanding use of Infographic”. The Gold Addy’s and the Judges’ Special Awards will automatically go on to compete at the district level.

 Jordan Bell – 

  • Student Gold ADDY – Monks Coffee Co. Packaging
  • Student Gold ADDY – How To Poster
  • Student Silver ADDY – The James Utley Report
  • Student Silver ADDY – ACU Fall Visit Day T-Shirt Illustration
James Utley –
  • Student Silver ADDY – Animal Collective Album
  • Student Gold ADDY – The Jordan Bell Travel Report
  • Student Gold ADDY – Beefie Skateboards

Mallory Ming –

  • Student Gold ADDY – Jennifer Colleen Crawford Brochure
Keith Jernigan – 
  • Student Silver ADDY – ACU Welcome Week Campaign

Evan Marks – 

  • Student Bronze ADDY – Architectural Annual Report Spread
  • Student Silver ADDY – Pueblo Indian Children’s Book Illustration
Bryan Couchman –
  • Student Gold ADDY – Roefer’s Repair Logo
Katie Stumbo – 
  • Student Bronze ADDY – Weird Jobs Worm Picker
  • Student Bronze ADDY – Sprout Flowers
Brittany Herrod –
  • Student Silver ADDY – ACU Recfest Campaign
Aaron Cavitt –
  • Student Gold ADDY  – Images of an Apocalypse