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Congratulations to all the students who won awards at The 2012 Big Country Art Association (BCAA) Juried Exhibition.

BCAA is a regional collection of artists whose work reflects the stunning diversity of artistic talent in West Central Texas. ACU students won twenty of the sixty-four awards in total, winning one third of the show.

Below is the list of students who won awards, along with the titles of their entries.

  • Julianne Brannan – Sentimentality, Digital Print
  • Brandy Rains – Holden, Linocut
  • Emily Teel – Rainbow Bridge Oxford, Drypoint
  • Stephanie Fink – Trafalgar Square, Photograph
  • Jennifer Crawford – Ducky, Graphite
  • Jennifer Crawford – Private I, Oil on Canvas
  • SM Tracy – Procreation Celebration, Bronze
  • Traci Crawford – Dad’s Hands, Mixed Media
  • Stephanie Fink – South Plazas Island, Oil Pastel
  • Emily Teel – Cinque Terre, Linocut
  • Jessica Broderick – Portrait, Oil on Canvas
  • Bethany Peterson – Tiki, Iron
  • Bethany Peterson – Reunion, Bronze
  • Elle Lockler – Untitled, Plaster with Faux Finish
  • SM Tracy – Grumpy Ol’Lorax, Bronze
  • Paris Robertson – Thinking It Over, Bronze
  • Jessica Broderick – Wheelbarrow, Oil on Canvas
  • Isabel Lee – Molding Clay, Oil
  • SM Tracy – A 90’s Baby Grown Up, Acrylic
  • Julianne Brannan – Rain Down On Me, Charcoal and Bleach