Weekly Announcements for week of April 1:


 2013 Student Competition – Updated Info – All art and design majors are required to enter the annual student competition. This is considered the ‘application’ for scholarship funds awarded at this event. These scholarships are competitive, awarded based on merit rather than need, and are typically offered as an encouragement to students showing exceptional promise as developing artist and designers. Student Competition guidelines can be found at the following link: http://blogs.acu.edu/artanddesign/competition/


AIGA Meeting this Thursday – 

Important AIGA meeting in DM 141 this Thursday, April 18, at 6pm.  Elections for next year will be held and details about the upcoming Dallas trip will be discussed.  You do not want to miss this meeting and it is the last of the semester. 


Shore and Cockerell Galleries – 

Don’t forget Terra Incognita, a show featuring the work of Robert Green, Kenny Jones and Polly Jones in the Downtown Gallery.  The final Senior Show of the semester, Character, will close at the end of this week.

First and Second Year Reviews – All Art & Design majors are required to participate in two student review sessions before graduation. These will take place at the end of your first and second year as an art and design major, during the spring semester. This typically takes place the thursday and friday before finals week. A sign-up calendar is emailed out to students a few weeks prior. Please see the blog for expectations.http://blogs.acu.edu/artanddesign/studentreviews/
Junior & Senior Graphic Design Students – Kay Harbin from dessertstartshere.com is looking for a Graphic Design student who would like to earn a little money while doing some web design work.  Please contact her at 325.8292335
Graduation May Graduation: Make sure you have a graduation clearance from Lisa Maloney, August Graduation: Make sure you have all your classes taken or registered for the summer in order to graduate and communicate with Lisa Maloney.