Portion of Tara Holland's Entry

Portion of Tara Holland’s Entry

A Senior Interior Design major (May 2013 graduate), Tara Holland, was named First Place winner ($2500) in the national Sherwin Williams Student Contest for her entry in the competition.

Tara’s entry included elements of a semester assignment completed in the Advanced Interior Design course with Professor Wasemiller last fall. Her ambulatory healthcare center project, the Gaia Women’s Center, included the attached entry images and the design concept statement that follows:

This Women’s Healthcare Facility, located in Savannah, Georgia, has been designed to create an exceptional and positive healing environment for it’s patients in a comforting environment. This facility accommodates the needs of patients, families, as well as staff. The overall solution was developed from evidence-based design and reflects patient’s privacy and dignity. The layout expresses proper circulation along with techniques that assist in wayfinding. The thematic design that is displayed throughout the space communicates prevalent regional aspects, which brings comfort and recognition to the area. Materials, finishes and proper placement of furnishings are key elements in the design. Sherwin Williams paint colors have been carefully selected to reflect the soothing environment of Savannah. Three main colors are intertwined throughout the facility to bring unity and harmony among the space. These colors include: SW 6169 Sedate Gray, SW 6763 Retiring Blue and SW 6724 Mesclun Green. These cool and muted colors are successful in providing patients with a calm and tranquil experience. The overall design solution provides a functional, yet healthy and uplifting environment for patients, family and staff.