Below is a list of students that received awards in the 2014 ADDY’s. Several of the mentioned students won multiple awards. Congratulations to everyone!

Sales Promotions: Packaging

  • Anne-Marie Coffee:  Gold ADDY Award
  • Zack Guerra: Silver ADDY Award
  • Levi Huddleston: Bronze ADDY Award
  • Matt Varner:  Gold ADDY Award
  • Hillary Commer:  Gold ADDY Award

Collateral Material: Poster

  • Paige Baumgartner: Bronze ADDY Award
  • Blake Watts: Gold ADDY Award
  • Carlie Walters: Silver ADDY Award

Publication Design

  • Jaime Browning: Bronze ADDY Award
  • Hannah Bruce: Silver ADDY Award
  • Amelia Carnagey: Silver ADDY Award
  • Hayden Walker: Silver ADDY Award
  • Hillary Crommer: Gold ADDY Award

Elements of Advertising

  • Amelia Carnagey: Gold ADDY Award
  • Matt Varner: Gold ADDY Award
  • Stephanie Cochran: Bronze ADDY Award
  • Levi Huddleston: Bronze ADDY Award

Consumer or Trade Publication

  • Kayla Calvert: Silver ADDY Award


  • Kayla Calvert: Silver ADDY Award

Best of Show Student: Blake Watts

Judges’ Choice: Anne-Marie Coffee