Designer job opportunity for Wildcat Software

Title: Front-end designer

Summary of Position:

Design and implement improvements to user interfaces for both web and application development, be able to offer recommendations to clients and team members based on contextual design principles, and be able to contribute to technical projects as a member of a professional development team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works with project manager to design UI’s to client specifications, over multiple iterations.
  • Works with members of the development team to ensure proper interaction between front-and-back-end.
  • Consults with client and project manager to determine proper design principles for the given project.
  • Assists with internal review of design elements and project iterations.
  • Has a working knowledge of common tools in the industry and is able to learn new ones as necessary.
  • Can contribute knowledge and creativity to team meetings and project discussions.

Contact Stephen Martin if you are interested or have any questions.