Help needed!

My dear photographer friend ‪Scott Hyde‬ is working with an archivist to catalog his extensive collection of New York photographs from the 1940s—1980s. His work ranges from street scenes to portraits of artists such as ‪‎Roy Lichtenstein‬, ‪John Cage‬, ‪Andy Warhol‬, and ‪Robert Rauschenberg‬. He has many works in the MoMA Collection. The most endearing quality about Scott is not even his talent, but his genuine, humble character.

Scott and his archivist, Renea Dauntes, need help organizing/digitizing his works. If you are an artist in Amarillo, a college student in need of a summer internship, or someone generally interested in hearing (and seeing) incredible stories, please message the Scott Hyde Archive. I am happy to be a personal reference.


Erin Holland