Come to Chapel this Thursday, February 16th, in room 141! Jami Amerine will be speaking on the topic of this semester’s chapel series, This is Amazing Grace This is Unfailing Love.

Jami graduated with her Undergraduate degree from ACU and a Masters from HSU in Education, Counseling, and Human Development. She is the wildly popular blogger from Sacred Ground Sticky Floors featured ​in the Huffington Post​, Scarymommy and The Mighty. Jami writes about the everyday things in her world that challenge her faith and reorient her perspective on what it means to live well. She is funny and poignant. She has a book in the works set to be released​ in the Fall of 2017.  ​S​he is wife to Justin, and mother to Maggie, John, Luke, Sophie, Sam, and soon to be adopted #CodenameCharlie. Her family is also active in foster care and currently have a baby girl #joybaby!​ Her Maggie is partly claimed by Art & Design as a CIND student in Art and Family Studies