Mandatory Meeting!!!

Students, tomorrow at 4:30 we will have our mandatory meeting in Shore Gallery at 4:30.  You are expected to be there and attendance will be taken.  If you are unable to attend please email me and give me the reason so I can forward that to Mike.  We have changes to the Fall schedule that you need to be aware of.

Instagram Competition

Upcoming Important Dates

(Several of you have requested important dates for the semester.  Please put these in your planners or google calendar.  If this makes you anxious, please just take note of the very next thing and I will keep sending reminders of upcoming events. And we all breathe together)

Feb 23-27 – We will have guests in the department and gallery for accreditation
March 1 – A&D Chapel (Drop the Mic – Geoff & Kenny)
March 7 – Senior Exhibition – Chancey Sanders (Center for Contemporary Arts) Reception is 3/24
March 12 – Spring Break
March 22nd – Faculty & Student Karaoke Night – Ruthie’s studio in the Rec at 7pm
March 23rd – Senior Show: Vanessa, Jonathan, Nichola, Jaden, Byron
March 29th – Senior Exhibition – Nicki Dicicco (Center for Contemporary Arts)
April 5th – A&D Chapel (Drop the Mic – Ronnie & Dan)
April 6th – Senior Show: Kaylen, Christi, Janine, Audi
April 19th – Senior Exhibition – Anthia Nibizi (Center for Contemporary Arts)
April 23rd – Student Competition entries to be taken to Shore Gallery
April 27th – Student Competition Show Opens and Scholarship Awards announced
May 3rd – Foundation Reviews
May 4th – Concentration Reviews
May 7th – Dead Day
May 8th – Finals begin
May 9th  (Seniors, I will confirm this closer to the time)
May 12th – Graduation