Make an Advising Appointment

What to Bring:

  1. A printed degree evaluation
  2. A sample schedule with courses crossed off that have already been completed (find Degree Plans and Sample Schedules here)
  3. A proposed class schedule for the following semester
  4. All of your personal advising records (see link for department expectations)

A note about number 3… you need to come to your appointment having already worked out what you are planning on taking next semester. Kim should be a great resource to double check your plan. She does not have time to create a plan for you during the appointment. The university expects you to manage your own schedule and degree plan but we will provide advising to double check your efforts.

If you need specific information before you can choose those classes please make two appointments with Kim. One appointment to have your questions answered and then another, at a later time, to have her double check your planned schedule.