We’re currently in the middle of Spring Break here at ACU – which means three things:
1) It’s really quiet on campus
2) There’s only about 7 weeks of class left
3) We’re gearing up for the Senior Blessing

The Senior Blessing is a special time for all graduating seniors from the b-school and the i-school to gather for a meal and a time of blessing from their faculty and staff. This year we’ll gather at the Phillips home and after we eat, a professor will speak to our students – offering some of the most important little nuggets of advice they want to make sure the students hear before they leave us and enter the “real world”.

We’ll then have the opportunity to break into small groups, where professors and students can have candid conversations about such topics as work-life balance, salary negotiations, and the importance of staying Christ-centered in an ego-centric world.

Finally, we all gather together for a special prayer of blessing to wrap up our day.

As we hear from graduates months and years after they leave us, many mention the Senior Blessing as one of their favorite memories from ACU. They share how special it was to them that we took time away from campus – work and classes – to gather for a time of intentional prayer and blessing as we send them out for ‘Christian service and leadership throughout the world’.

If you have a senior business school or i-school student, make sure they RSVP to Kathy Garison (klg08e@acu.edu) by April 1st.

And if you have a special memory from your Senior Blessing, please leave a comment.