Tuesday 6/19/2012 – Sydney University – Sydney by Ian Shepherd

Today we had class both in the hotel for Dr. J and at Sydney University for my group. We made our way there at 9:00 am sharing cabs this time. The day was very quiet as most students knew that this was the last day to get free internet so many were working on journals and assignments.

One of our students was not well the last day and a half. It is no fun to feel sick while traveling overseas. After a rough night with migraine we finally found a Chemist (Pharmacy) who recommended a migraine specific over the counter drug. She is doing better but still is not quite feeling back to normal.

Tomorrow is our last day in Sydney. Lots to do as we pack and verify travel plans to the Gold Coast. Our last official class days will be Friday and Monday with other days being free or tour days.

Pray for us as we travel! I hear the students are reporting that they are having a great time. I am so proud of how they have represented themselves. Parents…you have done well!

Wednesday 6/20/12 – Last day in Sydney by Ian Shepherd
After a last day of class in Sydney we planned on cooking for our group. This afternoon we set off to Woolworths to load up on hamburger makings and hot dogs. Strangely enough, we couldn’t find any hot dog buns or wieners so we settled on good old Aussie Snags (Sausages). We had about 36 burgers and maybe 36 snags…and by the end of the evening…we had exactly…..ZERO! The last student showed up and ate the last 3 burgers on one bun!

Excellent inventory planning and great operational expertise were used in our production process tonight. I might also say that Darryl Jinkerson displayed wonderful management style as he maneuvered himself around the huge Aussie BBQ’s (2 in fact). After a wonderful dinner together some of the students set out for one last night on the town.

Pray for us tomorrow as we travel again that all might go well.