Photo taken by a student on a COBA Study Abroad trip

It’s that time of year again. There’s a nip in the air, Starbucks has brought back their pumpkin spice lattes, and pledging has begun.

Fall is here, and with it comes Registration.

There are a lot of things to consider in the registration process. Class times and which friends can get into class with you are definitely important, but what’s even more important is taking the right classes.

So which classes are best for you?

The ones offered on different continents!

Enter Study Abroad.

In 2013, COBA will be offering three Study Abroad opportunities on three different continents.  Here they are in a nutshell:


Dates: June 3-July 4, 2013

Faculty: Dr. Monty Lynn and Dr. Jonathan Stewart

Courses:  FIN 310: Financial Management

BUS 419: International Experiences in Business**

Program Fee: $4900

COBA Study Abroad Students Enjoying Oxford's Beautiful Parks

A unique opportunity to study business in beautiful England, this Study Abroad promises to be a transformational component of students’ college careers as it focuses on four primary concentrations:

  1. International experience
  2. Cultural engagement
  3. Business context
  4. Spiritual emphasis

Possible excursions for the group include London, Paris, and Belgium.

** This is a new course to be offered but it will be a substitute for BUS 419: International Business.

COBA Study Abroad Students in London


Dates: July 15-27, 2013 (Summer IV)

Faculty: Dr. Andy Little and Dr. Jim Litton

Courses: Social Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

Global Entrepreneur

Program Fee: $2000 without airfare

$2700 with airfare from DFW

COBA Students in Honduras

This study abroad experience will take place in the stunning mountains of Honduras, where students will have the unparalleled chance to partner with nonprofit Mission Lazarus in a meaningful project that will ideally challenge students while simultaneously benefiting Mission Lazarus and the people it serves.

Possible excursions for the group include a visit to the beaches of Isle de Tigre and a trip to an active volcano in Nicaragua.

COBA Students in Honduras


Dates: Christmas Break 2013

Faculty: Dr. Ian Shepherd and Dr. Darryl Jinkerson

Courses: International Experiences in Business

TBD: Social Entrepreneurship OR Management 335 Leadership

Program Fee: Approximately $5500

COBA Student Studying Abroad in Australia

The trip will begin with students being given the opportunity to spend a couple days on the Gold Coast. Next, the group will have the unparalleled opportunity to live and work in the bush, where they will work with aboriginal people who are learning to use computers and the Internet for the first time. Following this incredible time of service and learning, the group will spend a couple more days in Sydney before returning to the States.

COBA Students in Australia

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Maybe you’re thinking that Study Abroad sounds intimidating, or maybe you’re looking at the price tag on some of these trips and wondering if you really need an international business experience.

The answer, according to Dr. Darryl Jinkerson, director of COBA Global Initiatives,  is “YES!” In fact, when asked why students should participate in Study Abroad, Dr. Jinkerson hardly had to think.

“That’s very simple,” he explained. “We operate in a global market. If [students] want to be competitive when they graduate, they need to have some type of international experience.”

The great thing about Study Abroad is that block tuition is in place, meaning that you’ve already paid for 36 hours. As a result, your tuition may already be taken care of, leaving you with nothing more than the program fees listed above.

How much better can it get?

For more information about this year’s study abroad options, please attend the interest meeting on Friday, October 12. It’s at 11:00 in COBA Room 201. Pizza and chapel credit will be provided.

Please direct any additional questions to Darryl Jinkerson at or Nuria Hall at