The Crossing Cafe - now open!

The Crossing Cafe – now open!

Students, faculty, and all of the ACU community, our wait is over. After pushing through long and dreadful coffeeless mornings, sitting through classes with no breakfast burritos to satisfy our grumbling stomachs, and sitting uncomfortably on the hard floors in the hallways trying to cram before those killer tests, the time has come. COBA is proud to announce the new and improved Crossing Cafe! The cafe opened this past Monday and offers an assortment of yummy snacks and breakfast items, including kolaches, donuts, breakfst burritos, coffee, tea, and a variety of other treats. The Crossing Cafe is a completely student-operated business run by Wildcat Venture students Allie Rostron, Casey Duncum, and Brandon Avedikian.

Allie Rostron, CEO of the cafe, says, “I am extremely happy with the renovations. Menus can always be changed, but our goal was to create a unique and inviting environment for the students.”

cafe traffic

Casey Duncum, senior management major, is also pleased with the new cafe. Casey has an innovative vision for the cafe, seeking ways to truly add to the unique COBA experience. The cafe also features student artwork from the student-founded organization Emineo. This adds a different touch to the cafe, creating a modern and trendy environment. In addition to the new atmosphere inside the cafe, Casey is hoping to eventually add furniture and live events on the back patio.

Casey says,”This summer was hard trying to make everything come together, but after seeing the cafe open, it was worth the hours of work and preparation.” 

cafe furniture

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Indulge in that hot, mouth-watering breakfast burrito and reward your taste buds for those treacherous mornings you had to function without coffee. Stop by the new and improved Crossings Cafe located on the first floor of COBA!