New Edition Coming Soon

A new edition of Qualitative Research is coming soon. Wipf & Stock has agreed to publish a second edition. Due to the wonderful sales, Wipf & Stock will be moving the book to its Cascade imprint. Preface to the Second Edition The appeal of the first edition...

Timely Quote

While preparing for my sermon I read the following. Today people are fundamentally consumers: they want what they want when they want it, even in the church. If they do not like what is happening or what they hear, they leave and start shopping for a better deal....

The Effective Practice of Ministry

I recently was interviewed about  “The Effective Practice of Ministry,” dedicated to Dr. Charles Siburt.  You can watch my interview with highlights on the book here.

Contextual Theology

I have recently posted a blog entry on the Graduate School of Theology blog describing the nature of contextual theology. Link to the blog here.