Name: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker

Department: Psychology

Research Interests: The social and emotional impact of media on children, the development of gender roles and stereotypes, the social and emotional impact of social media and computer mediated communication on children and adolescents, the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

Why are you involved in undergraduate research?

One of the best things about working at a small university is the opportunity to mentor students. Not only do they learn and grow in their skills, but I get the chance to learn from working with them. When I work with undergraduate researchers, they grow in their skills, knowledge, and understanding and they gain valuable experiences that will help them in graduate school. Some of my most valuable colleagues and co-researchers are former students who I had the chance to mentor when they were undergraduates.

Conferences Attended with Undergraduate Students: Texas Association of School Annual Conference, America Psychological Association Annual Conference

AwardsTexas Association of School Psychologists Student Research Award; Undergraduate Researcher Social Sciences Award (3 years)