Undergraduate Research Fall Travel Grant Applications are due Friday, September 25, by 5 p.m. These grants are for conferences and showcases from June 2020 – December 2020 (note that the fall cycle usually covers September – December but has been extended to reimburse summer virtual conferences due to COVID-19). Funding requests made after the fall application due date will be considered for reimbursement in the spring grant cycle if funding is available.

Please note that this semester the Office of Undergraduate Research is awarding funding for undergraduate research students and/or faculty mentors to participate in a virtual conference to present and showcase scholarship.  Please see the following link for up to date guidance regarding travel.

The faculty mentor grants are for those who mentor undergraduate researchers. Mentors may apply for registration fees to either 1) to support undergraduate students presenting scholarship at a conference or showcase; OR 2) to present scholarship in which undergraduate students assisted in the work.

To apply for Faculty grant use the OUR Faculty Travel Grant Application.

Additionally, faculty mentors may apply for registration expenses on behalf of their undergraduate students. These grants are for up to $1,000 per project. Faculty may apply for grants for more than one project. For any one project, a group can decide whether to support one representative student or divide the award to support more than one.

To apply for undergraduate student grant use the OUR Student Travel Grant Application.

For more information, see the application form or visit ACU Undergraduate Research.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at uresearch@acu.edu.