The ACU vURF online event will become viewable on our launch date at:

The top of the ForagerOne Symposium event site will display the following menu.


Abstracts and supplemental files for all presentations (online, in-person, live, posters, etc.) will be available from the ‘Presentations’ link.


Session schedules, links to abstracts, and Zoom links for live online sessions will be available from the ‘Live Sessions’ link.

Online Oral/Performance

  • These live online presentations will be facilitated through the Live Sessions page on the ACU-URF ForagerOne Symposium event site.


  • Presentations will be given live via Zoom at one of the following session times:
    • 9:40 – 11:10 AM
    • 1:50 – 3:10 PM
    • 3:30 – 4:50 PM
  • Live presentations should be 12 minutes, providing 3 minutes for questions (total of 15 minutes).
    • You may request assistance from the ACU Speaking Center at this link as you are preparing your talk for the Festival.
    • We do not require pre-recorded video presentations this year.
    • Video submissions are permitted as supplement, but not as replacement, for live presentations.
  • All presenters should submit at least one pdf or video file for asynchronous viewing on the presentation abstract page.
    • PowerPoint presenters are recommended to submit a pdf of their presentation slides.
    • Performance artists are recommended submit a video of the performance and reserve a substantial portion of the live presentation time for discussion of the performance.
  • In addition to the event time, a comments box on the presentation abstract page will be open all day, March 30, 2021, to all registered online viewers.
  • Submit questions to

Online Display/Poster

  • These asynchronous presentations may be accessed through the Presentations page on the ACU-URF ForagerOne Symposium event site.
  • Although posters will not be presented live, all poster judging will take place between:
    • 12:10 – 1:30 PM
    • Judges may submit questions using the comments box during this time frame.
    • Presenters should be prepared to reply to judges’ comments during this time frame.
  • Poster presenters should submit a pdf file of a 32 inches high X 40 inches wide poster prepared using PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator.
    • Presenters do not need to print posters for the 2021 Virtual Festival.
    • The ACU-URF will print out a subset of submitted pdfs (at no cost to presenters) for display at multiple public locations on campus.
    • Presenters will be given the opportunity to claim their printed posters (if selected for display) at the end of the Festival.
    • Presenters may schedule a poster design support appointment with Amos Gutierrez at
    • Presenters must also submit a short 2–5 minute video introducing their poster for asynchronous viewing.
  • In addition to the judging time, a comments box on the presentation abstract page will remain open all day, March 30, 2021, to all asynchronous viewers registered for online access.
  • Submit questions to