Abstract Guidelines


To present at the Undergraduate Festival, you must submit an abstract to the Abstract Submission Portal by the abstract deadline. 

Abstract submission require four steps:

1. Write your abstract following the appropriate guidelines for your discipline (see below). It is important to complete your abstract before starting the submission. 

    • Be well-written and well-organized. Contact your mentor or your institution’s Writing Center about how to write a competitive abstract.
    • Be specific in your response to the prompts in each to each entry field. Use complete sentences. Do not use jargon that someone outside of the field is not likely to understand. Read what you have written out loud to check to see if it sounds clear and concise.  Reread what you have written 24 hours later to identify typos, poor word usage, incomplete sentences, etc. Read what you have written to a friend and ask them if they can restate what you are proposing.  
    • Abstracts are usually a total of 200-300 words long. 
    • References are allowed within abstracts but not required.

2. Be sure to prepare all required information before beginning.

    • Your name, institution, major, and email
    • Your mentor’s name, institution, department, and email
      • For Faculty Mentor: List a professor who has supervised or at least is familiar with your work, who will advocate for you if contacted. If you do not have anyone else use: First name: Undergraduate, Last Name: Research, Email: uresearch@acu.edu, Affiliation: Abilene Christian University, Department: Undergraduate Research
    • Name, institution, major/department, and email for all co-authors
      • For Other Presenters/Authors/Contributors: List collaborators if applicable. Otherwise, just skip.
    • Electronic copy of your abstract text (to paste into the abstract field)
    • URL for optional supplementary documents (if needed)
      • For visual arts presentations: Electronic files of example artworks are required.

3. Enter the Abstract Submission Portal.

4. Fill out the required information. Copy and paste your abstract into the text blocks, review your submission, and submit. 

    • Use plain text format for your abstract. 
    • Currently the submission form does not provide formatting and special characters (e.g., scientific symbols or italics). 
    • There is space in the form to include a link to online documentation, formulas, images, music files, etc. in support of your submission. You may use this space to provide a link to a location to view your abstract in its original form.

Abstract Submission Notes:

  • All abstracts must be submitted through the Abstract Submission Portal. The portal will open on the first Monday of December.
  • Acceptance decisions will be sent by the 3rd Friday in February.
  • Should your abstract be accepted, you will need to register for the Festival. Registration is scheduled to open shortly after notifications are sent.
  • Up to two abstracts per primary author are permitted. There is no limit on the number of co-authored abstracts.
  • Abstract reviewers will evaluate submissions based on the criteria listed below and will assess overall merit within the context of the specific academic discipline.
  • Please double check punctuation, grammar, and spelling before submitting.
  • Follow the guidelines below when preparing your abstract. Select the disciplinary option which is most appropriate.


Not all submitted abstracts will be accepted. In order to be accepted, abstracts should conform to the General Review Criteria and Discipline Specific Guidelines.