Internship Survey

Students with an internship or similar field experience (22-23 Academic Year)

  • Get points toward your Pursue Badges by completing one of the two surveys in this set to let ACU know about your internship experience between August 29, 2022 and August 27, 2023 or lack thereof. This includes clinical, practicums, preceptorships, and similar fieldwork.
  • Survey One: For students who have completed an internship/fieldwork Survey
  • Survey Two: For students who did not have that experience
  • Click on this Survey Link to get started.

A & D Study Abroad 2024

There will be an interest meeting on Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 11:00 am in DM141. Come join us to find out more information!


Courses Offered: ART 347 Plein Air Painting, ART 222 Art History: General Survey II, ART 440 Street Photography
Itinerary to Include: Oxford, London, Madrid, Florence, Rome, and Vienna
Faculty Sponsors: Professors Robert Green and Kenny Jones