Weekly Announcements: 4/3/2017

Review Preps – Foundation/Concentration Reviews

Foundation Review Students – DMC 141 at 11:30 on Tuesday!
Concentration Review Students – DMC 141 at 11:00 on Wednesday!
It will be very helpful to attend this group prep time so we can cover questions and new instructions.

FREE Concert THIS Friday!

Gather your friends and go out to support ACU Cabinet as they present this free concert and free food to the first 300 students.

Unwritten Senior Show – THIS Friday, April 7th

Senior Show, Unwritten, opens this Friday at 6:00! Come out and support seniors Carli Scheevel, Kennedi Ross, Megan John and Marley Berry!

Mandatory Meeting – Tuesday, April 18th

Please set a calendar reminder for our Department Mandatory Meeting on Tuesday, 4/18 at 4:00pm. Your attendance is required at this meeting. We will meet in Shore Gallery. Your classes will be dismissed in time for this and Printmaking will adjust times. We have a few very important things to communicate.

Final A&D chapel – Thursday, April 27th

We will have our final chapel for the year at the end of the month – more details to follow.

Interactive Design Workshop

Interactive Design Workshop

Led by Andy Pratt & Paige Baumgartner
April 6th – 7th
8:30am – 4:30pm

This workshop is a bootcamp of sorts, compressing into a two-day experience what a student may typically receive in an internship setting. It will focus on cutting edge practices and processes used in developing today’s top interactive media. The workshop explores everything from software and tools to techniques for working with clients. It’s an amazing opportunity for our students to build their knowledge, skills and resume in the fastest growing segment of the graphic design field.

About Andy Pratt

Andy has fifteen years of experience creating award-winning interactive media. He is an Executive Creative Director for Favorite Medium, a global design and technology agency with offices in Seoul and Singapore. Prior to this, he worked as a creative director at Funny Garbage, an interactive agency in New York City. This position afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the world, including the Smithsonian read more…

Alumni Guest Post: Anne-Marie Coffee

People do not speak often of the transition from college to the “real-world,” and this has especially perplexed me during my last two years since graduation. There are pages and pages of wisdom given to high school seniors headed off to college, but why is there such a lack of books and blog posts on the months and years following college graduation? What should this phase of life look like? Am I doing something wrong? Why doesn’t my life look like Instagram Sally who eats kale for breakfast, works at her sweet dream job during the day, and surrounds herself with 50 friends every evening #blessed?

First off, Instagram Sally is a liar. Secondly, these feelings are totally okay, and not only are they okay, but they are expected. Transition is hard. Even now, when I am at a job I truly love and am genuinely motivated by, I can still feel lonely, insecure and confused.

Moving to a new city, starting your first job and living on your own can be uncomfortable, and what I am learning is there is NOT a perfect picture of what your life needs to look like after graduation. The years following graduation are a time to experience and learn about what you love and what you may not enjoy. This is a time to take advantage of every opportunity you are given—whether it be excellently fulfilling the menial design tasks at your first job, or speaking up in meetings with clients or superiors at work. There is so much opportunity to excel and learn in this next phase. You have the least to lose when you have the least experience at your first job. Trust me, there are advantages to this!

For those of you getting ready to graduate, whether it is in May or in another year, get excited! You are in store for growth and possibility as you learn more about who you are and what you are passionate about. But expect this to come with some discomfort. Good things come with time, and I think that is something our generation is not familiar with. Be patient, work exceedingly hard, speak up and keep learning.

Anne Marie Coffee

Anne Marie is a recent ACU grad who finds passion in the detail and color. During her time at ACU, she worked as the department graphic designer. After graduation, she worked as a designer for Belmont Icebox, an advertising agency, before landing a job at Dialexa focusing on more interactive design and UX.