Meet Some Biology Students

Meet Some Biology Students


Tina Johnson (’15)

Johnson Photo


Lydia Brown (’15)
















Ryan Flores (’15)

Ryan Flores

Erin Boyd (’12)

Erin Boyd

Brittany Armenta (’12)

brittany armenta

Marie Dufitumukiza (’11)

Marie Dufitumukiza

Karli McCoy (’11)

Karli McCoy

Lewis Hun (’10)

Lewis Hun

Georgia Saniuk (’10)

georgia saniuk

Abby Trejo (’09)


Katie Morin (’09)

katie morin

Kyle Willingham (’09)

kyle willingham

Dusty Vaughn (’06)

Dusty Vaughn

Leslie (Pickett) Hutchins (’04)




Messages from Alumni:

(light-hearted video messages to the next generation)




Distinguished Alumni:



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