Welcome to GST Pathways

Welcome to the path of formation for ministry through the Graduate School of Theology (GST) at Abilene Christian Univeristy.  We are thankful for your commitment to transformation through your prayer and study.  We pray for the stretching of your mind and your practice as you grow in the understanding and expression of God’s ministry.

This particular blog is (like each of us) in progress.  Several things found here will help your journey:

Details about Artifacts (items & assignments)

The requirements for your Portfolio

The annual Spring Review process

Plus, explore your specific degree requirements.  Bookmark this page in your web browser.

May God bless your commitment and persistence to learn together with GST faculty and students.

Springtime is Review Time

Your completed Portfolio is due in March.  Post all required materials and updates to previous content. Faculty reviewers will be assessing your work. Faculty need opportunity to read and review your materials (and thus cannot track changes after these due date).  So,...

Portfolio Reviews

Reviews are approaching! —POST ALL FIRST REVIEW ITEMS BY March 21th (note: FINAL Review Portfolio DUE March 15th) Soon you will receive notification regarding when, where, and with whom your Review meeting will take place. This will be a challenging time, but also an...