Student Reviews

What are Student Reviews?

All ministry-degree students (MAGS, MACM, MDiv) are required to pass two major reviews over the course of their program. Each of these reviews consists of a student meeting with a member of the faculty to review and discuss a set of required artifacts. These artifacts are a combination of materials developed throughout the student’s academic program and co-curricular reflection pieces. Please note that there are some differences in what degree programs require in the reviews, so it is important that you are aware of your specific degree and its unique requirements. For a list of those, you can click on the following links: MDiv Review, MACM Review, MAGS Review

Junior Review

First, students will complete a Junior Review that occurs at or near the middle of a student’s program. This review is meant as a time of reflection on the first half of a student’s program and strategizing ways to make the most out of the second half of the students program.

Senior Review

Students will undertake a Senior Review that is held in the student’s final semester. This review is a capstone experience for the student’s programReview provides occasion for faculty and students to collaborate in a formative experience, reflecting upon the student’s growth as revealed in the Portfolio and Artifacts.

What is involved in Student Reviews?

For each review students will post a set of required artifacts to their e-portfolio. Students will post these artifacts prior to their review, so that the faculty member conducting the review will have time to explore and assess the artifacts. The review itself revolves around a conversation between the student and faculty member. The conversation is lead by the faculty member, and can explore any number of topics: observations about the student’s artifacts, questions about the student’s experience within their academic program, or matters of formation and growth in the program. Following the review, the faculty member completes an assessment of the student based on their portfolio and the review.

When do students take these Reviews?

Students take these two reviews at key points in their program. The Junior Review occurs either during or immediately after a student’s completing the course BIBM 657 Contexts of Ministry. The Senior Review occurs in the student’s final semester before graduation while they are also enrolled in the course BIBM 678 Senior Portfolio Review. Students will receive more information about specific reviews in those courses.