MDiv Review

The portfolio items below describe the required artifacts for the Review. Students may also post other artifacts that they deem to meet Student Learning Outcomes and demonstrates their personal and academic formation.


Junior Review Portfolio

  • Junior Review Synopsis — a summary relating the content of your Portfolio for your Junior Review
  • Reflection on Ministerial Identity (BIBM 603 Foundations of the Theology of Ministry)
  • Case 1 Brief (BIBM 603 Foundations of the Theology of Ministry)
  • Pathways Project 1 (three projects are due before the SeniorReview, the first is possible for Year 1) OR an Artifact — student chooses (or creates) something that represents your best work and formation from this first year in the GST (assignment, paper, sermon, project, etc.)
  • Formational Goals (BIBM 602 GST Orientation)

Senior Review Portfolio