Student Selections

For artifacts that you select to include in your Portfolio, you must provide statements of rationale and reflection. In a brief document or post accompanying the artifact, provide context for understanding the artifact and its significance. Address how the artifact demonstrates your growth towards proficiency in Outcomes. At the beginning, indicate specifically which Learning Outcomes you believe to be most evident. A purposeful reflection will also include one or more of the following:

  • Analysis: describe and critically examine the components of the artifact and the learning, growth, or experience it represents
  • Evaluation: identify the most meaningful elements in terms of the personal successes, challenges, and growth represented by the artifact
  • Synthesis: demonstrate clear connections between the artifact, one or more specific Outcomes and Indicators, and other experiences in the curriculum (e.g. course content) and co-curriculum (e.g. field education)
  • Application: explain how you will apply the learning represented by the artifact in your continuing ministerial growth and practice

As you make progress in your program, strive to produce artifacts that will demonstrate an increasingly broad range of Outcomes. You should also synthesize by referring to your artifacts in those parts of your Portfolio where you reflect more broadly on your growth—such as your statements of formational goals, your reflection on vocation, and your theology of ministry.