Overarching Practices for the GST Curriculum

The inner and outer practices, capacities, understandings, and abilities we want to see inculcated into our students as a result of their time in the GST. These function as broad rubrics by which to understand integrative goals of the curriculum.

Spiritual Life

Pursues life within God, yielding to God’s will. Displays transparency and integrity before God and others. Cultivates disciplined habits that enable the godly transformation of thought, character, behavior, and relationship. Welcomes opportunities to grow and works diligently. Attentive to the rhythms of the spiritual life; discerningly exercises active and passive engagement. Seeks the wholeness of a life unified in heart, mind, and action within the life of God.


Seeks and practices the skills and intellectual virtues necessary for disciplined, resourceful theological reflection. Comprehends and critically reflects on the theological resources (e.g., biblical studies, theology, church history) and perceptibly attends to the circumstances of the contemporary context in order to interpret faithfully and to enact or prescribe appropriate responses.



Demonstrates a compassionate and generous spirit towards others. Inhabits a life of godly service and justice within the world. Able to conduct one’s life within a community of shared accountability, respect, and support. Displays healthy connectedness with the church and is able to discern a clear picture of one’s vocation. Exercises mature, competent, and contextually appropriate leadership. Engages ministerial relationships through practices of humble receptivity and generous contribution.


Exhibits ardent convictions concerning the redemptive mission of God and offers compelling testimony regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Skillfully interprets cultural contexts and engages in theologically resourceful acts that embody the mission of God in contextually appropriate ways. Conceives of and expresses one’s work in relation to the mission of God and Gospel vocation.