The Portfolio collects your work in the form of Artifacts that demonstrate your constructive reflection on your growth leading to the Spring Review.


FIRST Review Portfolio Due March 21st
FINAL Review Portfolio Due March 15th *

*for December Graduation, Portfolio is Due October 15th

the Portfolio

The Portfolio provides you with an opportunity to formulate and pursue a strategy for ongoing formation. Each GST degree program prescribes a number of Outcomes, for each outcome you must exhibit an adequate level of proficiency. The Portfolio provides a means of demonstrating your growth towards and mastery of the program goals. Although you receive periodic grades and other evaluations in courses and in co-curricular activities, the Portfolio is a means of exploring your growth at the macro level. Ongoing critical reflection on your progress will help you personally integrate the diverse facets of the program as an experience of ministerial formation. As you post artifacts in the Portfolio you will reflect on them, interpreting their significance for your growth and providing a rationale for understanding the artifacts as evidence for having satisfied degree standards. The Portfolio is a student-centered approach to assessment, rather than an attempt to grade your performance on a project assigned by the teacher. Much of it will consist of the artifacts you submit, along with reflection and rationale statements that you compose. It is progressive, since you develop it throughout your program and use it to illustrate a process of growth. Within specified parameters, you will create your own Portfolio. Assembling a good Portfolio will require that you remain attentive to the experiences of your own formation, that you learn to interpret and evaluate those experiences, and that you take initiative to ensure that your program experiences address the prescribed formational aims.

Learning Outcomes

Portfolio Tools