Review Synopsis

Preparation for the annual Review provides students occasion to do holistic summary reflection on their work to this point.  Having gathered, revised, arranged, and reflected upon all your artifacts, this Review Synopsis essay summarizes how the content of your Portfolio represents your ministry formation. The Review discussion will focus on this Synopsis along with your Ministry Identity Paper (First Review) OR Theology of Ministry Paper (Final Review).

Think of this as a thoughtful cover essay recounting what you prepared for your review. Act as a tour guide narrating and clarifying what you compiled, why this process is working for you, and where you are relative to your goals. Your professors want to hear where you see yourself in relationship to your goals and the intended outcomes of your program.

In the First Review Synopsis 1, you may only begin to see how the various elements of your experience relate and connect together.  In the Final Review Synopsis 2, you will show expanded learning and synthesis.

Learning Outcomes

One important way to compose your thoughts for this Synopsis is to review the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for the GST Program (and for your specific degree). There are Five Program Student Learning Outcomes for all students:  Christian Scripture, Christian Tradition, Languages, Identity, and Communication.  These items represent the intended effect of learning in the program. There are also Degree Outcomes (SLOs) specific to your chosen degree.  Both sets of these Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are explained with detailed indicators depending upon your degree: MDIVMACMMAGS).

Overarching Practices

The Overarching Practices provide a macro perspective for reflection.  These four general practices are Spiritual Life, Wisdom, Community, and Mission.  Find more details about the Practices here.

Questions to Consider
  1. What became clearer to you in this year of preparation and service? (re: God, Wisdom, Community, Mission)
  2. How does your relationship with God relate to your thinking and acting? (Spiritual Life)
  3. Describe changes in your use of scripture, tradition, and theology to respond to life/ministry circumstances. (Wisdom)
  4. Describe your relationship to the church and to people within the community of disciples. (Community)
  5. What are the touchstone moments between your ministry practices, your study and the mission of God? (Mission)
  6. Describe how your experience in GST enhanced/impeded your relationship with God (Church, World).
  7. What practice(s) will you change or add moving forward?