Best iPhone Apps for Faculty and Staff at ACU | Tech Tune-Ups

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

There are an amazing amount of apps located within the mobile device world. Chances are you have several screens or folders worth of them on your tablet or smartphone, and if you are like us…many of them do not get used much. So what are some time saving, as well as very useful apps you can use in conjunction with desktop apps made available as an employee or student at ACU? Or even just for things you do all the time outside of work? Today, Donald Simpson shared with our Tech Tune-Ups group some of his favorite apps that work great with their desktop companions, as well as a few extra ones that save time and are pretty useful. Here is a what he shared today.

Office 365:



Some Additional Apps that would be beneficial for ACU Faculty and Staff:

  • Canvas – View and Interact with your Canvas Courses
  • – All the Training Videos One Could Ever Want or Need
  • GPA Mobile – ACU’s Health Insurance Provider
  • IFTTT (If This Then That) – Automate Everyday Tasks between Apps
  • You may also want to Bookmark a website (ACU Homepage, myACU, ACU HR, ACU Department page, etc.) to your phone

As always, the best way to troubleshoot or ask your technical questions is to seek out the following helps: