Blog 1: The Good Life

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“The Good Life” is a very common phrase used mostly by those with a desire to appear above, or better, than others because of their financial stature or position in society. I view a good life being one of peace, fulfillment, and love. My “good life” is one filled with family and friends, where nothing matter but the fact that you are all together. It is being able to nurture and raise a family that truly creates an accurate portrayal of “The Good Life” in my mind. But just as people are different, so are their thoughts, and I understand that others will interpret and evaluate this idea in many different ways. I still stick to my own view, that “The Good Life” is one filled with family and friends.


  1. Forrest Norman IV
    2:08 pm, 01.20.13

    I like that you were able to consider the fact that others might share different views of waht it means to live a good life. Many of the posti i see involve a set standard of living that says there is only one way to live a good life, which i feel only served to divide others and create conflict. I also like it that you were able to identify clearly what makes you happy in life and i pray that you can stay true to it in the years to come.

  2. Laura Jane Hood
    10:11 pm, 01.21.13

    I agree with your thoughts here, very much. I know that I value my family a great deal and that they do truly add vastly to my life in an important, meaningful, and positive way. I think that your thoughts about what you consider the good life speak a lot to a strong character as well. I find it easy to believe that one who considers family and friends as the foundational building blocks of a “good life” values them over other things. You value them over money and possessions and status. And that, that speaks to a character that will live and work to ensure that not only he, but everyone he loves, continues to abide in and embrace the good life.

  3. MaryLynn Kemp
    1:02 am, 01.22.13

    I love when people are able to respectfully value other people’s opinions, while acknowledging differences. Raymond, I really like that you value family and friends – I feel like so few people do in our society anymore. Personally, I believe that Family is not just those who are physically related to me, but also those who I choose as my family, the close friends that I have committed to a level of emotional connection and intimacy with that is of equal intensity as with my family. However, I also see the church as a whole as a family, of sorts – which can often highlight the conflicts and differences between members of a family!

    Edit: I thought I posted this comment over the weekend, but it appears that my internet at the place I was staying this past weekend was faulty, and told me I had posted it when really I had not. Sorry about that.

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