Blog Post #1 “The Good Life”

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The question of “the good life” is nothing new. Philosophers, scientists, theologians and countless others have devoted their lives to the search for an answer. I do not believe that “the good life” can be defined in universal terms. It seems to me that it depends primarily on the individual’s understanding of what is “good.” Humans throughout different cultures and times will inevitably value and define these concepts differently.

In my opinion, which is heavily influenced by my Christian upbringing, I believe that a “good” life should be focused on creating and nurturing fulfilling human relationships. These relationships help us not only to understand a variety of different perspectives on life, but also to help us better understand ourselves. To live in a society in which public service is freely and joyfully given would be my ideal. Individuals would care for the community before the self, supporting one another in every phase of life. Government would not have to bear the burden of caring for the poor, sick, and homeless because the community would provide the best care for its members. Sharing resources because they wanted to, and spending time together out of love for one another.

While this is my ideal, I do not believe that this could ever work in the world we live in today. I believe that humans are essentially selfish, not out of pure disregard for others, but simply for survival purposes. We cannot escape our wants and needs. Everything we do is done for some type of personal gain, whether it is spiritual or material. Therefore, in this life, I believe that showing love and compassion to others when they have only rejected and abused you is the way to live a “good” life. In my opinion, a true state of selflessness is one of the most beautiful things that a human can achieve.


  1. Madison Hudson
    10:42 am, 01.21.13

    Paige I really want to live in your ideal world. You have great perspective on life and what it means to live a “good life”. However, I want to believe that there is a possibility of your ideal world here on earth while maybe not in this world as a whole, there can be pockets of these communities and it all starts with one person’s passion for this type of lifestyle with a heart of love and compassion for equality. I encourage you to follow your desires and you are farther along on your road of selflessness than you think! Great post!

  2. Emily Bibb
    5:03 pm, 01.21.13


    I appreciate your thoughts about your definition of the good life and its focus on relationships and community. How incredible would it be to live a life where everyone took care of each other? As you said in your post, a life like that is near impossible. But we have hope that a life like that is coming where the entire world will participate! I agree that for now, we must live with a selflessness that reveals love and compassion for our neighbors. This kind of selflessness comes about through actions rather than thoughts. Thanks for the post!

  3. Kelsey Hilton
    6:38 pm, 01.21.13

    I read your post a several days ago and had to come back to comment. It was that good! I had never even considered “The Good Life” as being a life full of goodness and service. I was thinking more materialistically. You say that the good life is something that we can never achieve because we are selfish creatures but you inspired me to think that “The Good Life” is entirely possible. When we live as selflessly as possible and give “The Good Life” some flexibility with forgiveness we are indeed living “The Good Life”.
    Thanks for the encouragement

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