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When considering how history and ancient ideas have influenced our modern culture, I am reminded of the principle of hindsight bias (once we know something the thought of not knowing it seems absurd to us). It is easy to think that ideas of dualism and a good life are common sense or intuitive, since most of us grew up with these teachings; however, in the ancient world, ideas like these that are so prevalent in our lives were considered by so many to be absurd. It is key to remember that our culture and worldview are products of thousand of years of progress, paradigm shifts, and philosophical and psychological advancements.
The Greeks were responsible for such an incredibly vast expansion of knowledge, ideas, and sciences. They were one of the first truly individualistic civilizations that we study, which is one of the most significant dynamics in American culture.

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  1. Bobby Brown
    6:29 pm, 02.01.13

    I agree with how impressive it is that those guys even allowed their minds, had the capacity, to explore things that had not really been taught or even brought up at great length. With all of our advancements and our ability to research things we are advancing their thoughts and inquiries. I wish that those men had what we have today so they could further their thoughts and polish what they layed out for us. However, it is because of men like them that really got the ball rolling at a faster rate and provoked such a need to “know”. Whether I agree with thier theories on life, or how they handled themselves as individuals, I am thankful for their existence and what their lives gave to our world today. It was tough, but I guess someone had to do it, or did they?

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