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Evolutionary Psychology is a very interesting topic. The definition of evolutionary psychology given to us in class was that it is the application of principles and knowledge of evolutionary biology to psychological research and theory. In other words, it’s a theory that integrates pieces of information that psychologists have studied that have shown some correlation throughout the years. I myself do not completely agree with evolutionary psychology. I feel like our behaviors and thinking patterns derive from what we see and learn growing up. It’s not something that is innate and there from the beginning. On the other hand, I cannot deny that humans have come a long way. We have advanced and adapted due to the things that we have available to us. We are able to learn more and understand more, but I do not believe that our underlining behaviors and thoughts came from our ancestors. The articles we read today in class brought up some very interesting points. The article my group evaluated was written by Simon Conway Morris. He said, “We could not have arrived where we are except by evolution….” His statement is true in the fact that we could not have gotten this far without making technological changes and advances, but, I do not believe that applies to the way humans think and behave.


  1. Josh Marshall
    10:22 pm, 03.05.13

    I thought your post was very well thought out. I agree in the sense that I personally do not fully agree with evolutionary psychology, but at the same time, you have to respect the progress that mankind has made as far as adapting to what has been made available to us. I also think that our behaviors and thoughts are results of what we encounter that forms our ideals and beliefs. Although our ancestors may have contributed to certain areas of our development, I do not think that they can be directly linked to how we behave and or think. Well done, I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Forrest Norman IV
    9:17 pm, 03.06.13

    The genes we have inherited from our far distant ancestors and even the ones from our parrents give us a proven dispisition to certian traits and biologial advantages over people born without them. The existantence of people who are born with tallent is testiment to this fact that some people are born with a wiring that allows a faster aquisition of skills, a superior biological development and a better usage of thier physical abilities.Our biologies do play a large role in our progression as human beings.

  3. Raymond Lowe
    1:33 am, 03.07.13

    It is important to list your own opinion and I agree with what you said, that Evolutionary Psychology has its limitations. Thoughts, opinions, and other cultural facets of society, I feel as well, did derive from our past. Those would develop as we develop and would be manifested from instances and actions from our past. Thoughts could, in essence, evolve as humans evolve. I say this in the sense that as people learn new things and gain more understanding so too will their thoughts become more learned and understood.

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