Nature V.S. Nurture

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From the purely psychological point of view, nature plays a crucial role in our mental development which cannot be over looked or overstated. It is undeniable traits and genes inherited have an effect on us it is an undeniable scientific fact. And to an extent evolutionary psychologists are right in the belief in the primal and breed instincts that drive us towards survival and propagation.
However I do not believe in evolutionary Psychology or take its views and beliefs as my own. I do this not because it “disproves” or undermines God, or because it lowers us to little more than animals that is not the case or the question and to hold these beliefs is to be affected by bias. I do not support evolutionary Psychology because it almost completely ignores or dismisses the Nurture side of psychology. Our ability to learn and infer from the environment is a crucial and un-ignorable part of our psyche and in my opinion developed through personal experiences plays a greater role in our development than biology. Even monkeys are proven to develop and learn new behaviors and social reactions simply through the personal experiences of the individual or group and learn to interact with the world in a different way. As psychologists and scientists we are required to analyze information and reach a conclusion biased off information and findings not on bias and superstition. Though our opinions may guide our research and direct our lives, we must not dismiss sound logic in favor of a side that is simply more to our liking.


  1. Kelsey Hilton
    10:44 am, 03.06.13

    I like your argument Forest. I think it’s a stretch to say that we are dismissing sound logic because I do not know that we can believe anything to be absolute truth. Also, it could be argued that the nurture side of psychology also evolves thus making it a part of evolutionary psychology.

  2. Laura Jane Hood
    11:52 am, 03.06.13

    I really like what you had to say here Forrest, and I agree with it. I think nurture, environment, and conditioning play a MASSIVE role in the creation of who we are as humans. I don’t think it can be ignored that children who grow up in homes where abuse is present are more likely to be a abusers or victims, even if these children are adopted. This is one example but I think it speaks deeply to the idea that environment is vastly important.

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