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Evolutionary psychology is a interesting topic to discuss. This is especially true for a conservative christian school. This being said there are more and more people agreeing with this thought every day. The theory has some large holes but some very strong, positive arguments. The theory can not explain the small issues, as we discussed in class. Specifically things that apply to a small precent of the population such as homosexuality have week argument. The theory works on standardized behavior. I believe that some of the arguments for evolutionary psychology can not apply to mental disorders. The biggest problem with the theory to me is the lack of individuality. The theory states that we act certain ways based on evolutionary traits to procreate. This takes away from individuality of people. This was a the biggest problem to me. I believe a lot of the principles in the theory are true its just a little invasive.


  1. MaryLynn Kemp
    11:49 pm, 03.05.13

    I think it’s really great that we are taking time to recognize the flaws in regards to explaining the behavior of specific individuals using evolution. Any one of us, or even any huge group of us, could be mess-ups, outliers, with traits that do not fit with evolutionary explanations of behavior. Does that mean the evolutionary explanation of our psychology is wrong, or just inadequate as a standard for how life SHOULD be? Well that’s a personal choice. 🙂 Yay individuality!

  2. Laura Jane Hood
    11:46 am, 03.06.13

    I liked what you had to say about this theory mainly applying to broad behavior patterns. I wonder how much of that behavior is actually evolved versus socially conditioned. Even if we accept the idea that genetic evolution aids in this social conditioning, it is technically not evolutionary psychology.

  3. Grant Williams
    1:21 pm, 03.06.13

    Well articulated man. I agree with what you said a great deal. As you said, evolutionary psychology has some valid points, but I think you went on to describe one of its greatest flaws really well. “The theory works on standardized behavior.” I think that sums it up the best. Evolutionary psychology seems to often explain normal human behavior, but it does little to expound profoundly on the behavior or cognitive processes of the individual.

  4. Gavin Lane
    7:08 pm, 03.06.13

    I like the fact that you pointed out our conserative background here at Abilene Christian. What I am most proud of is the openmindedness that is beginning to become prevalent at ACU. 20 years ago ACU may have not taught evolutionary psychology because they were so against it but now through logic and reason we have discovered its merit and been able to work it into our Christian beliefs without compromising. Go ACU!

  5. Raymond Lowe
    1:27 am, 03.07.13

    A topic like this would be valid at ACU and I would like to see this discussion raised in Campus Conversations. Are you saying that the holes are strong, positive arguments. I also agree that it is important to realize that Evolutionary Psychology cannot explain all facets of the evolution of psychology especially where the mind is concerned.

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