Blog 4: Behaviorism

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I think behaviorism style psychology is a huge part of our daily lives.  I agree with our professor when he says that it is seemingly the most attractive and easily applicable form of psychology, without the vagueness of evolutionary psychology. Behaviorism is a huge part of advertising and organizational management. Rewards and pairing and behavioral conditioning are thrusted apon us at a very early age and throughout our lives. Just watch television for 5 minutes and you will see a commercial pairing their product with some sort of desirable outcome. An example would be a beer commercial, showing a lot of attractive people having fun and laughing, usually 1 or 2 guys surrounded by a ton of pretty women. We may have already discussed this, but also gambling is a huge behaviorism trap. with variable timing on rewards we are trained to think “maybe this next one will be it” and keep pecking that button so to speak.


  1. Forrest Norman IV
    4:53 pm, 04.03.13

    Your post though informing lacks personal insight that makes it powerful. What does the use of behavorial psychology mean to you? Because it is effective should we embrace it’s views and perspectives on the human Psyche? Why does pairing work so well? These are things that incite the mind and inflame the soul!

  2. Katie Clouse
    10:12 pm, 04.03.13

    I also agree that behaviorism is the most attractive and easily applicable form of psychology. We see it all around us, everyday. I liked how you tied it into advertising. That was a good example.

  3. Laura Jane Hood
    11:01 pm, 04.03.13

    I like what you’ve said here about behaviorism being the most applicable form of psychology, and I would agree with that. It is true that is it extremely prevalent in advertising and I believe this to be true because of how easily applicable it is.

  4. Jason Hendrix
    11:59 pm, 04.03.13

    The worst is that sometimes we even realize it and we still “keep pecking.” Gambling is a great example of this. Its crazy how they can keep us coming back so consistently. They’re so good at it these days, they have learned to capitalize on the things we identify with most.

  5. Tyler Lotz
    12:11 am, 04.04.13

    Tyler you are a genius and you should write a book so i can absorb more of your knowledge. I completely agree with everything you said, i was actually thinking the same thing. Its crazy how similar our thought process is 🙂

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