Blog 5: Psychoanalysis

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The psychoanalytic school of thought has always perplexed me. I’m not sure if I entirely understand where Freud and Jung were coming from with many of their ideas. However, it gained so much popularity through the years and is still a highly talked about approach. While many of their ideas have been discredited, it is refreshing to hear of an approach that allows the general public to be able to distinguish the entire field of Psychology from the hard sciences. As we have discussed in class, I believe the beauty of psychology is that it attempts to delve into things unknown that most scientist would never even imagine attempting to discover.

Lucy Psychoanalyzes Charlie Brown

One of the earliest exposures I have ever had to psychoanalysis was when the ever-popular Charlie Brown get analyzed by Lucy. The clip attached I a little lengthy, but it was classic psychoanalytic therapy. Lucy attempts to help Charlie come out of his depression by first showing slides of his facial expressions to detect underlying emotions, and then having him project his frustrations about life onto a football. Lucy even claimed, much like Freud did, that she was the best person to help him because her therapy for the best for him. Maybe Sigmund Freud could learn a thing or two from Lucy and Charlie Brown.

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