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I find psychoanalytical thinking to be very prevalent within modern thinking through almost every modern movie. With examples like the new star trek with its’ good versus evil stance and a hero who’s life is extremely evident of a fatherless childhood. It is interesting to notice how so many movies and general media use examples from these classic archetypes of psychological disturbance in order to garner a greater reaction from their audiences. Psychoanalytical thought can even been seen in something as abstract as movie critiques, as many critics tend to comment on movies based on their ability to address issues of the psyche that all humans can relate with. I personally find it interesting how humans seem to naturally find great interest in such issues, especially since the induction of modern media. It would be interesting to study how influential such thoughts were before television and radio came about.

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  1. Kelsey Hilton
    12:19 pm, 04.12.13

    Although media amplifies archetypes I think that they existed long before that; infinitely before that. I like the idea of a collective unconscious. It makes me feel like I belong to something greater than myself and my surroundings. Instead of reducing me to my environment, like behaviorism does, psychoanalytic theory allows my imagination to run wild. It is no wonder why this type of thinking is so prevalent in our culture.

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