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Psychoanalysis has had a synergistic momentum in the past few decades in my opinion. Through movies, advertising, art, music, fashion, the treatment of human bodies with piercings and tattoos and several other areas where something has been created because of something “unconscious” was inspiring. Luckily forĀ unconscious (if it were a person) he is in luck because today’s culture is much more accepting of him. Why hide him when he can lead to the next best thing? Also even if it isn’t the next great thing it can at least be chalked up as artful, unique, or brave for allowing him to come out and entertain us. There is much more use of unconscious today then there ever has been, and people do not realize it. because of that there is the hope, or nightmare, that people who do not know that they are getting manipulated without knowing it, by someone else who knows how to tap into the mass majority of unconscious desires, gets taken advantage of. Am I saying that psychologist are going to rule the world? No (even though who knows if they aren’t already…ha, but seriously…) but the knowledge and study of psychoanalysis is a very powerful weapon.


  1. Kelsey Hilton
    12:10 pm, 04.12.13

    A powerful weapon indeed. I think there is somewhat of an obsession with the unconscious. Well, I’m not sure you would call it an obsession; it is this thing that helps us when we want it to help and hurts us when we need an excuse. It is interesting, though, that there seems to be worldly trends in things such as personality traits and significance of colors. Maybe psychologists have already taken over the world. I guess there is no way to know.

  2. Carter Wells
    11:30 pm, 04.12.13

    I find it incredible that psychoanalytic principles have spread as rapidly as they have. While we may not be ruling the world as psychologists, psychoanalysis represents the very real and powerful impact that psychology has on the way society thinks about existence, behavior, and the mind. I like the ice burg analogy, because we did not truly realize how complex and strong our automated thoughts and processes are until psychologists began to explore the subconscious mind.

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