Psychoanalytical Thought

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An entire branch of art and expression is rooted in psychoanalytical ideas. Abstract art is often said to be expressions of subconscious ideas and feeling. Shapes, lines, and colors express urges, emotions, and desires that lay benith the surface. In addition to this, art can itself be considered a defense mechanism in which Id impulses are sublimated into a culturally acceptable form, art.


  1. Paige Wilson
    5:04 pm, 04.11.13

    This is an interesting point. I believe that the basis for art therapy is along these lines. I don’t know much about art by any means but it is very interesting to think that the subconscious could express itself creatively through art.

  2. Raymond Lowe
    7:38 pm, 04.11.13

    I agree with your correlation between modern art and psychoanalysis. Art brings about so many emotions. I can look at a piece and be instantly transported back to a different time or place. The unconscious and conscious become mixed realties. Past experiences resurface explaining present circumstances. It is for this reason, that I think your example is so perceptive.

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