Blog #5 Psychoanalytical Thinking

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One example of psychoanalytical thinking in everyday life can be found in the popular television show Criminal Minds.  This show follows a team of FBI profilers who travel from state to state in search of serial killers.  The team collects the details of each unique case.  After identifying the killer’s pattern, the team predicts what kind of life the individual is most likely living, with the hope that it will lead them to the killer more quickly.  Their search for the truth often leads them to investigate the dark pasts of suspects.  The show often links childhood trauma and abuse to the psychotic behavior of criminals.  Additionally, nearly every episode presents a criminal going through a stressor.  This stressor is the extra push that sends the criminal over the edge of reality.  In a way, the show is rationalizing the criminal behavior that takes place.  This is just one of the many reminders of psychoanalysis in modern society.


  1. Katie Clouse
    10:30 pm, 04.11.13

    This is one of my favorite shows. I also referenced it in my blog. I think it is an excellent example of psychanalysis that is a part of our society today.

  2. Ana Rodriguez
    11:44 am, 04.12.13

    I love this show. This show truly exemplifies the idea about truly trying to get inside a person’s frame of mind. The interesting thing with this show is that the criminal many times have clinical mental disorders. These disorders create a frame work to be able to guess their next move based on their tendencies. However the show of course adds plenty of twists and turns.

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