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Third-force psychology (AKA humanistic psychology) began to develop in the early 1960’s as a movement against psychoanalysis and behaviorism.  Third-force psychologists wanted to emphasize human uniqueness and positivity.  It assumes that humans are responsible for choosing their on existence, rather than genetics or early experience.  For me, this brings to mind the popular television show called The Biggest Loser.  This show makes weight loss into a competition.  Obese individuals are taught how to eat right and exercise.  The show runs on the basic premise that we can change our negative habits and replace them with positive ones by using our will.  Bad genes and a life of couch-sitting does not mean that an individual cannot change his or her body for the better.  The realization that we have the power to choose how our lives and bodies will be shaped empowers contestants on the show to work through emotional issues, while improving their physical health.

I generally have a more negative outlook on things; however, I have found that owning my choices not only forces me to face reality, but also reminds me that I have the power to change my reality.  This field may not have all the answers, but I do feel that it has something valuable to offer.

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  1. Lincoln Woods
    8:25 pm, 04.23.13

    I like this example of Third World Psychology in The Biggest Loser. My whole family DVRs this show and watches it together over the summer so I’m slightly biased. However, it is a great example of people living authentically. They are exposed to their greatest weakness, being their weight and poor eating habits. While this excessive weight does make them unique, it is a trait that has no benefit for the person. In order for the people on this show to truly live their life to its fullest potential, they need to gain back control over their diet and exercise habits and lose the weight. Along with this, being broadcast over a major television network can even reveal things about the people on this show that they may not have ever known. Which ultimately, forces them to see themselves as they truly are. In the end, the show The Biggest Loser forces the participants to take a look at themselves and the choices that they’ve made that has gotten them there and gives them an opportunity to change that.

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