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Third Force Psychology reflects the humanistic theory that very familiar with Rogers’ way of thinking. The humanistic way of thinking is that humans are able to overcome their issues and problems by utilizing three things: unconditioned positive response, empathy, and genuine love. Although this doesn’t seem very psychoanalytic, this way works and it works well. I happen to familiarize myself very well with the humanistic way of doing things and thoroughly enjoy providing unconditioned positive response, empathy, and genuine love to others as well as receiving it. Ironically enough, the movie that I chose to do my paper over is What About Bob. In What About Bob, the humanistic theory is applied in a way that Bob is seeking therapy from Dr. Marvin but ultimately it is not Dr. Marvin who helps Bob, it is Dr. Marvin’s family. Dr. Marvin’s family helps Bob in a way that shows kindness, love, and acceptance. Through the acceptance that Bob receives from the family, it allows Bob to take risk that he was once afraid of but now faces boldly. I believe this is the epitome of how we as humans respond. When we feel as though we are accepted and genuinely loved by someone, it allows vulnerability in a way that gives us confidence to do things (with the risk of failure) because we are accepted. The unconditioned positive response that we receive is what allows us to do things we once may not have done. For example, Bob had a phobia of the water but when Anna, Dr. Marvin’s daughter, asked Bob to go sailing, he responded that he had never been but if she wanted him to do then he would do. Bob agrees to go sailing because Anna provided love and acceptance that would still be present regardless of whether Bob wanted to go or not. When we as humans experience this kind of thing, that is when greatness arises from us all. We then are not scared to take risk and become who are on the inside, rather than being who we are that hides behind the fear of failure or letting someone else down.


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  1. Emily Bibb
    11:52 pm, 04.23.13


    First of all, great movie choice. What About Bob is one of my favorites. I also like how you tied in Rogers’ theory with the movie. Bob comes to find Dr. Marvin while he is on a family vacation and ends up staying for the duration of the trip. In his time spent with Dr. Marvin’s family, Bob progresses further than he had previously in his sessions with Dr. Marvin. In this we come to find out, like you said, that Bob really just needed someone to show him a constant presence of love and acceptance for him to move forward and eventually to do something he would have never done without that support.
    Great post, thanks for your thoughts!

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