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I greatly admire Not only third Force Psychology’s humanistic views and it’s perspectives on our futures but it’s catchy name as well. The third Force psychology’s perspectives on humanistic development is completely right in my opinion, and their view on human desires are accurate as well. When I first became a Psychology major I was attracted to Howard’s theory of Unconditional Positive regard as not only a proper parenting technique, but as the attitude which a therapist must have with a client, not a cold detached analyzation. By giving others the benefit of the doubt we open the doors of the heart that might close defensively in fear of others. However I feel that for all its perks, Humanistic Psychology lacks decisive and effective techniques to complement its bold and enlightening views.

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  1. Kelsey Hilton
    5:43 pm, 04.23.13

    Thanks. For your enlightening views. I like that you think the name is catchy. And who cares if there are effective, evidence based techniques? One day we will have them. Just wait and see.

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