Blog Post #6: Third World Psychology

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The development of Third World (Humanistic) Psychology occurred in the early 1960s by Abraham Maslow. Rather than having a focus on behavior and mentally disturbed people, Third World Psychology focuses on the individual achieving their full potential and emphasizing their uniqueness. A person is seen as having complete freedom in their thoughts and behavior. As a result, human behavior is always good because it is simply an act of human nature. However, if bad actions occur, it is seen as a result of the person’s behavior being interfered with by society.

With that being said, I immediately think of Abraham Lincoln as being a good example of someone who represents Third World Psychology. There were many things about Abraham Lincoln that made him unique from the average person. He had a successful wrestling career, wore a top hat and kept notes in it, and most importantly went on to become President. When Lincoln wanted to do something, there was little that could deter him from achieving his goals. Most notably was his role as President during the Civil War. While half of the country that he led opposed slavery, the other half was passionately in favor of it. With opinions and suggestions constantly being given to him, he acted in a way that HE believed to be right and abolished slavery. He behaved in a way that he wanted to despite the strong opposition facing him, and ultimately brought the war to an end.

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  1. Lyndi Smith
    6:27 pm, 04.23.13

    When originally discussing Third Force Psychology and applying the humanistic theory, I would have never of thought of Abraham Lincoln but after reading your post and hearing your perspective, you are right. There is no better person that is as fitting as him. He did what a lot of us are too much of cowards to do, and that is to know whats right and STICK to whats right. He believed that slavery was not right and he stuck to that belief regardless of the slack that he got from the rest of the citizens. Although many were against him, he conducted himself in a manner that is forever memorable. Always conducting himself in a way that was honest to himself. I really enjoyed this view and it allowed me to be able to put a “face to it,” if you will. Thanks!

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