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Blog Post 5

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In my opinion, i believe that psychanalytical thinking, or psychoanalysis is used in every day life. When we interact with people, we sometimes question their motives and wonder why they did a certain thing, or why they didn’t do a certain thing. I think we sometimes even psychoanalyze people in our heads, without consciously realizing it/thinking about it. We could possibly be using the defense mechanism of projection when we judge someone. For example, say someone is really self conscious about a certain thing they do, to the point where they hate doing it- they could be using projection and automatically judge anyone who also does that certain thing even without getting to know them first. Because we have been using psychoanalysis for so long, i don’t think it would be possibly for someone to go throughout their day without encountering it, one way or another.

The Good Life

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Since i took a few core classes (since i was put under the wrong calendar year when i transferred), i have talked about “the good life” multiple times before. You would assume that i would know everything about “the good life” and what it means. Honestly, i still have no idea…But i think that’s the point. I don’t think ‘the good life’ is supposed to have a set definition, i believe it is whatever you would like to believe it is. There are no strict guidelines telling you how to live ‘the good’ life, nor people that are telling you that you are living it wrong. It is up to you. For me, personally, ‘the good life’ would be a life where there are no chronic illnesses, there is no hurt, nor pain, it is a life where everything isĀ  perfect in the world. I would have to say ‘the good life’ would be my life when i am in Heaven, since i can not abolish chronic illnesses, hurt, pain, or all the dismay that is going on in the world right not. But for now, while i am here on this earth, i can only just keep holding on to all the things that are good, and try to make the most of everything that i have been blessed with. But don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that my life is bad here on earth, i just can’t even imagine how amazing it will be when i am able to meet my maker. To me, the unimaginable is ‘the good life’.