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In my opinion, i believe that psychanalytical thinking, or psychoanalysis is used in every day life. When we interact with people, we sometimes question their motives and wonder why they did a certain thing, or why they didn’t do a certain thing. I think we sometimes even psychoanalyze people in our heads, without consciously realizing it/thinking about it. We could possibly be using the defense mechanism of projection when we judge someone. For example, say someone is really self conscious about a certain thing they do, to the point where they hate doing it- they could be using projection and automatically judge anyone who also does that certain thing even without getting to know them first. Because we have been using psychoanalysis for so long, i don’t think it would be possibly for someone to go throughout their day without encountering it, one way or another.


  1. Raymond Lowe
    11:58 am, 04.12.13

    Your example is very valid. Projection would be an accurate analysis in accordance to how we judge and perceive others. Subconsciously we do make assumption about others, which is not a good thing. Words, dress, and attitude lead the list. These also affect futre perceptions based on past decisions. A person can be accused of doing something in the past because their present behavior suggests the possibility of the act accruing prior.

  2. Stephanie Heron
    12:42 pm, 04.14.13

    I agree that projection alters how we view the actions of others and that stereotyping can be subconsciously promoted. But what about those who are aware of their snap judgments and actively seek to limit them. Would they be using psychoanalytic thinking on themselves to alter their view or are they trying to avoid psychoanalytic thinking all together?

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