Art & Design Students,

Summer courses are fast approaching and in order for you to better plan your summer, please read the following information.

In order for a summer studio course to be taught it must have an enrollment between 8-10 students.  If a course falls below 8 students on, or before the first day of class the university will likely cancel it. Please use your judgment and/or discuss with me to decide whether or not to drop a course and enroll in something else.

Here are the enrollments in Art/Design as of today.  If some of these enrollments do not increase soon they will likely be canceled.

Summer 1

ART 111-Basic Drawing and ART 314 Advanced Drawing  -These two classes are taught together and have an enrollment of 15

ART 291- Intro to B&W Photography – enrollment 5

ART 331/332/433/434-Sculpture I/II/III/IV – enrollment is 14

ART 341/443/444-Painting I/III/IV- enrollment 8

ART 352-Digital Graphic Tech-enrollment 0

ART 487-Art for Elementary Teachers- enrollment 9

DSGN 440 –Furniture Design-enrollment 1

Summer 2

ART 112/213/314 –Figure Drawing I/II/Advanced – enrollment 13

ART 440-Digital Photography –enrollment 6

Summer 3

ART 440-Advanced Photography-enrollment 3

Summer 4

ART 440- Raku Ceramics –enrollment 6