Fotowork Studios in Abilene is actively seeking candidate submissions to fill the student internship position at the studio for the fall semester. The internship position is open to university level students of photography who desire to acquire new knowledge of photography and studio lighting techniques. The internship will continue until the start of the fall academic semester.

The successful candidate will have full access to the studio spaces and may reserve studio time in the same manner as a full member. The intern is encouraged to draw from member’s knowledge and experience, as well as participate in shoots along side regular members at the member’s discretion. The intern may at times, and at the discretion of each member, utilize member equipment in order to create a learning environment.

The studio Board of Directors will accept electronic submissions of the candidates work including up to five images representative of the candidates academic work, and a short one page biography with a statement of interest.

Electronic submissions may be e-mailed to Steve Templeton, Studio Manager at, and will be accepted until 5:00pm, Monday, September 10th.